Conversation is the most important part in online dating to impress a woman.
Online Dating Tips for Men
You must start your conversation on a very light note by introducing yourself while starting dating a woman online. When you introduce yourself then don’t write too much about yourself…
Online Dating Tips for Men – Starting Conversation


When you date women online, you must place an attractive photograph that shows real you.
Date Women Online
You must place three to six interesting photograph. Don’t place twenty or fifty photograph to show yourself out. When you place so many pictures a women wastes lots and lots of time to…
Dating Tip for Men – Interesting Profile Picture

Dating is a trend now days.
Dating Tips for Men
They say if you have never dated women, you got psychological problems. Jokes apart, dating someone is such a wonderful feeling that brings joy and memorable moments in front of your eyes.
If you are a guy and getting padded up to date a women you…

The recent step from Google hits the current search engine ranking of various websites in UK. Ciao, one the most favorite site from Microsoft has hurt badly with the new algorithm applied by Google. The site offers the cost comparisons as well as reviews.

Well, same goes true with other such sites which offer product reviews, comparisons and gift vouchers but since Google and Microsoft are close competitors, this update is considered as to keep the letter low profile. While Google says that the recent search engine update, Panda, is aimed to provide better and quality results to its users.

Actually in last November, other sites from Microsoft – Ciao, Foundem and – reported that Google is playing unfair game with them and drowned their real search engine rankings under the unsponsored search results by unfair means. But Microsoft didn’t come into front.

According to Google spokesperson, recently updated Panda algorithm has come into effect for decreasing the visibility of websites which provide duplicate content and are full of advertisement. But this move has affected various sites badly. Ciao has lost about 90% of its visibility in search engine results after the update. Other major victims are Qype, ehow,, Tech Radar, and

On the other hand, some websites received drastically improved search engine visibility. Most of them are related to journalism and media industry like Tech Crunch, and

Nowadays, web has emerged as a great revenue generating tool. Does not matter what are you selling but if your web presence is not upbeat then definitely you are losing the potential customers. Here the term ‘Internet Marketing’ becomes significant and for a successful business entrepreneur efficient internet marketing is quite essential today.

Lots of strategies for internet marketing are available and it’s not tough to find out a professional service provider for the purpose. Looks great! But it’s not as simple as it looks. In fact, as an owner of online business you might know how to promote your product online?

Start with the basics – examine the technical details of your website. You can take the help of a professional SEO expert as well. Remember, avoiding SEO would prevent your site to be on the first page of any popular search engine therefore take the services of white hat SEO in order to make your site search engine friendly.

Now, it’s the time to promote your product or in other words your website’s link so that you can attract reasonable number of visitors at your online store. Aiming at good number of visitors needs much more proficient link building techniques.

Link building means posting your link at popular online places which have more than average page ranking. Social networking, blog posting, forum posting, directory submission are some of the most common link building methods. Also, you can exchange your link with others – Post their links on your site and in turn they will post your link on their websites. Continuously update your website so that it would always remain fresh and robots can find it easily.

Summing up, at the end every internet marketing strategy ends up at the visibility of your website to popular search engines. There are some other strategies as well such as email marketing but they are not as efficient and result oriented.


It is my latest fiction on Indian historical events. I am just in the process to sketch the plot and soon it will be posted here in series.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a core endeavoring and realistic job skill. Here is a brief scripture and synopsis about how to create best contents in terms of SEO orientation. Keep in mind these ten important SEO tips while framing content.

The first thing which is to be taken care of is the Title Tag. With the help of this tag in the HTML coding, browsers get to know what to display on the Title bar of the window.  Most of the search engines rely on this tag regarding the content of the web page. So it is important that the title tag should be constituted of the keywords. Try to give different title tags at every web page you create. The fundaments of SEO service tells that search engine should easily understand and digest the content of the webpage and title tag is the very first initial.

The second important component is the first H1 tag which acts as an identifier for the webpage. It should be used thematically and wisely to convey the information at its best to the user-side.

The third important tip is about the name of webpage or URL. Since English is a global official language, more of it should be used for naming the webpage. This process is quite visible in many of the article submission and blogging websites. They mark the URL of the webpage with the absolute title of the embedded content. Many times, this process makes the URL longer, but it makes the page captured easily by the search engine.

SEO tact can play marvelous roles with the help of Keyword Meta Tag as well. Many of the search engines take no notice of these tags due to misuse and manipulation in the past but it is not visible at the user side. Keyword tags are still inhabited by many search engines and are still looked at an extent. They are a little critical but act as an illustration of your keywords. They definitely lend a hand to SEO.

The next important tip is about Description Meta Tag as it is doubtlessly quite useful for the MSN and Yahoo Search engines. It gives the description and pops up your webpage for highlighting.

The search engines digest the meaning of your page by seeking the frequency and occurrence of the keywords, words and phrases in your text of your webpage. So it is highly recommended that the articles should contain a constraint use of keyword. Firstly the articles should be made keeping in mind the density of keyword and then it is further looked for consistency and clarity.

The number and quantity of the outbound links in your webpage is also a matter of concern for the SEO Team. Bad and low quality links offers a bad emphasis. Lesser outbound links are always treated better. Many search engines keep a keen eye over your outbound links so use them wisely to put a deemed impact over your SEO.

In my eighth tip, I would like to convince you on always trying to put on some Original and high quality content because it is always praised since content is the boss of the webpage and it should be unique. Try to be plain, simple and specific about the content.

Furthermore, the placement and ranking of the keyword is also an important deed. Choose as many keywords as you can do and keep an eye over your competitors as well.

Last but not the least, SEO always tries to give appropriate amount of data and text for the objective content. Neither make your content too long nor too short. A fair amount of content should be put-on to express the topics at your webpage. Focus at the exact point-to-point description. An exact- topic descriptive webpage is considered better than a commonly descriptive webpage in terms of SEO.

While hunting for SEO, you will encounter with both good SEO as well as bad SEO. Those who don’t have a clear vision to distinguish good SEO may waste their precious time and money with a bad SEO. In fact, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization/Optimizer. Often people complain that their website is not getting proper traffic or the site is not enough capable to beat the competitors. A good understanding of SEO may help you in the case. Let’s start with the basic SEO factors and the ethics of the business.

The sole purpose of a good SEO is to increase the page ranking of your website. It’s important to be listed on the first or second search page when somebody searches the offer related to your business on internet. A good SEO will apply various strategies to get the desired results. Also the professional SEO will make sure that when your website is found, people might follow the link and know about your business offers. If your site is good enough to impose a good impression on the reader then obviously you can generate good revenue and beat your competitors.

Backlinking is very significant aspect of a good SEO. Often people don’t know the importance of backlinks, although, high quality backlinks can impose a huge difference. Backlinks should not of any type or from any site but the efficiency of linking site is a major concern. Additionally, the links should have proper web descriptions associated with them. Just consider, the description talks about the things that do not have any relevance to your business then the links are total waste. On the other hand, bad SEO often fails to create efficient backlinks as they don’t have adequate understanding of basic concepts.

Content development is another significant characteristic of a well structured website. Having a nice looking website with higher page ranking is a good starting platform but for when the website does not contain quality matter about your particular business then you are wasting your time. Actually, content writing is an art and bad SEO can not provide quality content. The content should be keyword rich including catchy titles in order to generate the business leads. Also if the visitors like the content they will certainly share it with their friends and the process will automatically create valuable links for your website. Here the social bookmarking plays a major role.

Above of all, a good SEO plays with the conventional rules and assembles the things in a perfect order while a bad SEO, due to the lack of the basics, falls short and ends up with a bad website. Simply, the bad SEO doesn’t exist at all. In fact, bad SEO is just a fake that can’t deal with crucial and real SEO issues. They just prey the helpless people who don’t have enough information on SEO basics. Actually, they approach improper and bad strategies. You may also address these guys as Grey or Black hat SEO. With White Hat SEO, there is always an assurance that your website will certainly get added traffic through fine means.

A viral etilogy medical disorder is known as Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis and a very rare medical condition where papillomas propagate in the membrane of respiratory organs which causes breathing problems and mess in voice.

Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis generally affects the respiratory organs from nose to lungs. The Larynx is the most vulnerable victim of this medical condition. Other organs in the list are trachea, nasopharynx, pulmonary parenchyma, bronchi and palate. The papillomas may affect the hierarchy of tracheobronchial tree in descending order. The rate of aggregation of papillomas is not constant and varies according to the severity of the case.

The main reason behind Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis is papillomas which are one type of tumors. These tumors are not severely harmful but in some critical conditions they may cause Squamous Cell Carcinoma, a deadly cancer disease without giving a chance to diagnose or treatment. Without proper check up, these papillomas aggregate very quickly and seriously damage the respiratory system which may lead to death.

The HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is responsible for Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis which causes the infection. It can be transmitted through physical relationships. This virus can be transmitted to a child from her mother. In USA, about 75% of mothers are carrying this genital virus. In adults, the sexual intercourse is the major cause behind the transmission of this virus. Most common symptoms of this disease in adults include hoarseness, sensation in throat, frequent cough, problem in breathing, and inspiratory wheezing. In children the symptoms may include weak cry, hoarseness, and slow or no growth. About 1500 new cases of Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis are diagnosed every year. It affects about 0.0002% adults and 0.00045% children. Often this disease is misdiagnosed as asthma or chronic bronchitis.

The three major diagnoses are available.

In visual examination diagnosis process a mirror is placed behind the throat to clearly visualize the throat to confirm the presence of papillomas. Laryngoscopy involves the placement of lighted tube inside the throat with a fibre optic camera placed in mouth to check the voice box. This diagnosis is used for children or where the first process can not be applied. And in biopsy, doctor takes the sample of tissue and tests it for HPV. The virus can not be removed completely as they may remain in nearby tissues which can cause the problem again.

The treatment only decreases the further infection of virus for saving airway. It is an ongoing process and repeated periodically till death. The most common treatments are CO2 vaporization, Tracheostomy, Medication and Laryngectomy. CO2 vaporization involves angiolytic laser treatment while Tracheostomy is a surgery and applied where the CO2 vaporization can not be used. Medication is not a very successful approach; it only slows down the growth of tumors. In Laryngectomy, the larynx is removed and is applied in advanced stages of infection.